Toshiba Satellite L300 Series Laptop Repair

Creative IT a specialised Toshiba Satellite L300 laptop series repair store in London, offering personalised technical support solutions for home users and businesses across UK. Whether you are experiencing system crashes, software conflicts, virus issues, Internet connectivity problems, hardware problems or require software or hardware installation support or any other technical support, we will help you with cost-effective laptop repair and upgrade

At Creative IT, our technical team consists of certified and trained IT support specialists capable to work with nearly all your Toshiba Satellite L300 laptop series repair needs. Our experts can diagnose and repair all common laptop issues such as laptop won’t turn on or laptop appears to be dead, laptop turns on but the screen remains blank, Windows OS issues, random rebooting and shut down issues, slow boot up, laptop cooling fan issues and laptop overheating, laptop battery not charging at all, physically damaged laptop screen, memory slot issues, motherboard failure, laptop hangs when connected to Internet, water or liquid spill damage, laptop keyboard does not respond to input commands, hard drive making unusual noises, broken power connector, video and sound issues and other component level laptop issues. If any laptop part is not repairable or it is severely damaged, we will help you with affordable laptop part replacement services and all our repair services are covered by a standard warranty period.

Some of our major Toshiba Satellite L300 notebook series repair services include:

  • Motherboard repair and replacement
  • Laptop screen repair and replacement
  • Hard drive / memory upgrade
  • Optical drive replacement
  • Keyboard repair or replacement
  • Operating system installation and upgrade
  • Antivirus and firewall setup
  • Laptop screen backlight and inverter replacement

At Creative IT, our experts will discuss the best cost effective Toshiba Satellite L300 laptop repair option to resolve your L300-11C, L300-13R, L300-147, L300-148, L300-149, L300-14G, L300-16L, L300-18D, L300-18E, L300-19Y, L300-1AP, L300-1AQ, L300-1AS, L300-1BV, L300-1BW, L300-1CU, L300-1DI, L300-1DN, L300-1DU, L300-1FS, L300-1G4, L300-1G5, L300-1G6, L300-1G8, L300-1G9, L300-20D, L300-20W, L300-215, L300-217, L300-227, L300-229, L300-22X, L300-25G, L300-25H, L300-26M, L300-29T, L300-29V, L300-29W, L300-29X, L300-2CP, L300-2CW and L300-2DR laptop issues and will make an effort to have your notebook up and running quickly, usually within the same day or while you wait. We support both mail-in as well as drop off service requests.

Please give us a call on 020 7237 6805 or email us at to know more about our Toshiba laptop repair services.

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