Sony laptop motherboard repair London

Component level repairs can stop Sony laptop owners from having to get expensive laptop repairs done on their laptops.

Component level repairs is a highly skilled and technical method which, as its name says, allows the repairs on computer components before replacing them.

Sony laptop motherboards are model specific. They incorporate the main brands of graphics cards which are NVDIA graphics card, Intel graphics card and ATI graphics card. After some time, when the cooling system starts to be clogged with dust, the laptop overheats and the motherboard gets distorted. The solder points of the graphic card become detached from the main board and the Sony laptop starts showing the following symptoms:

  • Lines or shapes on the display screen
  • Power light on but nothing on the screen
  • Three bips and no display
  • Laptop turns on and switches off right away

The best way to carry out component level repairs on Sony Vaio NVDIA, Intel or ATI chipsets is to use a rework station with a placer and a camera. The camera can monitor the removal of a chipset or the rework of a chipset so that the job is done accurately.

Other method of component level repairs on Sony VAIO laptop include motherboard repairs done using a basis hot air gun or a rework station that doesn’t have all the features mentioned above. Hence the repair cannot be done to the same level or guaranteed for a long period of time.

Creative IT has invested in a high specs infrared BGA rework station with placer and camera that allows its laptop technicians to carry out what’s called reflows on Sony VAIO laptop motherboard. This method of motherboard repair is the same for all Sony VAIO laptop models, whether they incorporate the ATI, Intel or NVDIA graphics card:

Creative IT can also troubleshoot all other Sony VAIO laptop motherboard problems including blown components such as diodes, capacitors and resistors. Creative IT has the expertise to repair these components instead of having to replace the motherboard. This can be painstaking but Sony VAIO motherboard replacements are expensive and customers can save money by not having to purchase a replacement. More basic components like power jacks can be repaired instead of being replaced

All Creative IT’s component level repairs on Sony VAIO motherboards are carried out with fast turn around and are guaranteed. For more information Sony laptop repairs by Creative IT, call 020 7237 6805 or email

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