IBM ThinkPad T40 repair

IBN ThinkPad T40 Repair by Creative ITIBM ThinkPad T40 laptops are well known for the buzzing noise that can be heard at some point of their lives. These noises come from the fans. The IBM ThinkPad T40 fans are either short fans for the models T40, T41 and T42 or they can be long fans covering the CPU.

Replacing the fan of an IBM ThinkPad T4o requires removing the keyboard and palmrest and unscrewing the fan assembly. Once the fan is removed, one can try to clean it using compressed air and apply thermo paste to see if it fixes the problem. If the IBM fan is still noisy a replacement fan will be needed.

Apart from the noise, the IBM ThinkPad T40 can also display a fan error message on the screen before shutting down. This happens when the electromagnets on the fan are unable to make it spin. A simple servicing on the laptop can solve the problem or if more serious, it will require a replacement.

Making sure the fan and heatsink of an IBM laptop are in perfect working order is essential. One of the main components that requires cooling is the graphics card. It the laptop overheats, the graphics card connections become loose and the display image starts coming up with lines or stay black. Reflows on graphics chips to reposition them on motherboards are possible using an infra red BGA rework station.

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