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Update on Lenovo and IBM ThinkPads Laptop Fan Servicing same day

Creative IT, one of the leading IBM laptop support and maintenance service providers in London has just revised its list of laptop models for fan replacement and servicing same day. The IBM and Lenovo fan services now also apply to the following models: IBM ThinkPad R40 Series repair IBM ThinkPad S30,S31 Series repair IBM ThinkPad T20 […]

IBM ThinkPad laptop power jack repair

All laptops, whatever their make or model, are affected by very common fault: power jack failure. IBM ThinkPad laptops also suffer from weak power jacks and for owners of IBM ThinkPad, there are two options to fix this problem: replace the DC jack of the laptop themselves or get a specialised IBM laptop repair centre to do it for […]

IBM ThinkPad T60 series repair: same day repair in London

The IBM line of ThinkPad T60-series laptops includes the ThinkPad T60, the ThinkPad T6op, the ThinkPad T61, the ThinkPad T61p. The ThinkPad T series is the first series that includes the Intel Core Duo Yonah Technology and IntelCore 2 Duo mobile technology. It is also the first ThinkPad series to be designed in widescreen resolution. […]

Sony laptop motherboard repair London

Component level repairs can stop Sony laptop owners from having to get expensive laptop repairs done on their laptops. Component level repairs is a highly skilled and technical method which, as its name says, allows the repairs on computer components before replacing them. Sony laptop motherboards are model specific. They incorporate the main brands of graphics […]

Fujitsu Lifebook Laptop Repair

Installing an antivirus software on your laptop shouldn’t be expensive or complicated. Owners of Fujitsu Lifebook laptop PCs can download AVG Free, one of the most trusted free antivirus and antispyware security software for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Like all other laptops, Fujitsu Lifebook notebooks can be affected by virus attacks, malware […]