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Is your laptop not turning on or has no power ?

Is your laptop not turning on or has no power ?

NOTE: Some laptops are manufactured with hooks on top of the LCD screen that secure the lid when closed. There is a switch inside the holes  below the touchpad which senses when the lid is latched or closed . If the switch is stuck, the laptop may not turn on properly. Check to make sure the switch is working properly.If so, as the first step of diagnostics, you might need to clean the trapped dirt.

1.Try connecting the AC adapter into an AC outlet which is tested and the DC jack as well.


  • Make sure you use the correct AC adapter that suits your laptop and avoid 3rd party replacement adapters. Use the manufacturer manual to choose the right adapter.
  • Avoid using extension cords and surge protectors.
  • Check for a loose connection at your DC jack. If so, it might require a service or replacement.
  • Confirm the adaptor is working fine by the power light present in some adapters. If the power light flickers or not lit, the power adapter requires a replacement. The replacement adapter would be available with the manufacturers.

2.Try a normal turn on attempt.
3.Hold the power on Switch for 5 seconds.
4.Take off the battery.
5.Disconnect the power adapter.
6.Repeat step 3.
7.Now make an attempt to turn on the laptop again.

NOTE: If successful without the battery, try charging the battery for 24 hours.

8.All external devices connected to the laptop are to be disconnected.
9.Attempt to power on again.
10.Remove any additional memory module (RAM) that was installed in the laptop.
11.Attempt to power on again.

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