Acer Aspire One and Ferrari One Netbook Repair

Acer Aspire One and AcerFerrari One Repair

Acer Aspire One Repair

Acer Aspire One Repair

Email, blog, chat and surf all you want! The new processor for Aspire One netbooks handles Internet multitasking without difficulty, delivering up to 15% enhanced performance than previous-generation processors while lowering power consumption to extend battery life. The compact design features a battery that fits flush into the chassis, further streamlining the netbook’s look. The multi-gesture touchpad gives you total control over your documents and photos with simple two-finger motions, and the anti-slip texture of the touchpad offers more precise control and a nice feel.

A Ferrari exudes excellence from the original concept to the finished product, and the Ferrari One offers the same sensations down to the finest detail. Race to your destination with this attractive, less-than-1-inch-thin premium netbook that delivers superb performance! AMD dual core processors combined with large RAM and Hard drive give the Ferrari performance far above what you would expect from a netbook in an ultra portable size with HD screen and Ferrari design.

Our experienced team are specialists in Acer Aspire One repair and Acer Ferrari One repair. Though we provide the most competitive repair price, we never compromise on the quality of the service that we offer. We always attempt to return your AO521, AO531h, AO532h, AO533, AO571h, AO721, AO751h, AO752, AO753, AOA110, AOA150, AOD150, AOD250, AOD260, AOP531h and FO200 netbook models in perfect working condition. Contact us and we will be pleased to assist you for all types of Acer Aspire One repair and Acer Ferrari One repair and upgrade services. You can dial us on 020 7237 6805 or email us at

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